Pressure Wash Cleaning

Pressure Washing with Cleaners Clean Services. We endeavor to infuse life back into your paths, driveways, patios, pavement and public access.

Our equipment will unleash its cleaning power where needed. It’s fast, efficient and reduces the mess as it brings new life to a tired, dull and slippery surface.

Our service is now available to the residential, commercial and public sectors.

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Driveway, Patio and Path Cleaning with Cleaners Clean Services
We endeavour to infuse life back into your paths, driveways, patios, pavement and public access.

Your driveway will be the first thing visitors to your house will see, so you want to create a good impression!

Day-to-day activities, particularly during the Summer months, can make your patio look a bit duller than it was as new. We can turn back the clock to make your patio look like it has just been installed.

We also extend to cleaning your path using the best pressure washers available to remove the daily build-up of soil.

Exterior House Cleaning – House Washing
When you think of house cleaning you normally think interior, but exterior house cleaning is also an important part of your home’s overall maintenance. Having the exterior cleaned will help maintain the appearance and beauty of your home while adding curb appeal and value.

Any surface that is exposed to the elements needs to be cleaned often, your home’s exterior surface is no exception. A proper house washing will eradicate any dirt, mold, or mildew that may be eating away at your siding.

Our soft washing technology and eco-friendly house washing cleaners will bring back the luster and shine of any house siding without risk of property damage. Soft surface washing is the latest and best technology available.

As an experienced house cleaning company, we understand your concerns with the use of excessive pressure. Our house cleaning detergents do the dirty work followed by a soft, low pressure washing, that is perfect and recommended for house siding of all kinds.

Unlike some house cleaning companies, we do not peel mold, mildew, and algae off your home using excessive pressure. We remove these stains with eco-safe house cleaners so they do not grow back anytime soon.

Wood Deck Restoration – Deck Cleaning
Wood decks are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners today. Decks are a great way to increase your home’s outdoor living space. Deck maintenance is an important factor in protecting the life of your deck so that it is around for years of enjoyment and entertainment.

As your wooden deck absorbs moisture it swells and then shrinks as it begins to dry out from the sun. It is this constant swelling and shrinking that eventually causes the wood to crack, splinter, and warp over time.

Proper deck cleaning and sealing will prolong the life of any deck. When dealing with deck restoration, knowledge of deck cleaners, deck sealers, and wood cleaning methods are a must. Pressure washing decks can be damaging and dangerous in inexperienced hands.

This is where Eco Friendly Pressure Washing is here to help. Our exclusive soft washing techniques work wonders on new or older wooden decks and fences. Cleaning decks with excessive pressure will leave the wood furred and splintered, making your wood deck an unsafe eyesore.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing – Driveways, Sidewalks & Walkways
Concrete surfaces will last for years when they are cleaned and maintained properly. Concrete can be a hard to clean surface because it is so porous. Dirt, mold, mildew, and irrigation rust are just a few of the contaminants that bed into your cement driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.

Cleaning concrete takes experience to know what concrete cleaners to use and how much pressure to apply. Even though cement is a very hard surface, excessive pressure from a pressure washer can damage concrete driveways and sidewalks quite easily.

Cement cleaning can be a very tedious job for most homeowners. It may take you an entire weekend or longer pressure washing concrete with a wash wand. After all that time, you may then find that the concrete sidewalk or driveway has an inconsistent look or wand marks all over it.

To really protect your concrete it should be cleaned properly and then sealed with a quality concrete sealer. Concrete sealing will protect the surface from the elements and will make it easier to clean the next time.

We are an experienced concrete cleaning company that is dedicated in helping you protect your cement driveway, sidewalks, and patios.