Window & Gutter Cleaning

Want a professional window cleaning service that is regular, reliable and offers a quality service?

We offer for residential properties, schools, offices, shops, industrial units, factories and businesses in London & surrounding areas.

We are a well established company that clean windows all year round. We offer a professional domestic window cleaning service on a monthly and one-off cleans. Commercial and industrial window cleaning work is tailored to suit individual clients needs.

We specialize in serving the needs of homes and businesses that want the highest standards of window cleaning at very competitive rates.

We undertake all types of Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Office and Business window cleaning and provide a choice of Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly cleaning to suit your needs.

Our services include:

Domestic cleaning

Conservatory roof cleaning

Retail cleaning

Commercial cleaning

P.V.C cleaning

Gutter Cleaning
Do your gutters overflow when it rains? Do they leave a dripping mess for hours after the rain stops? Do you have pockets of debris causing a downpour on your plants?

Cleaners Clean gutter cleaning service to the rescue. We will flush all downspouts (up to three stories) and never leave a mess behind. And YOU can save on costly home repair by keeping your gutters fresh and maintained. Ask us about available gutter screens!

Did You Know?
Gutters and downspouts need to be checked and cleaned at least twice a year. The best time for service and maintenance are in the late spring and once again in late fall. This is under normal weather conditions. In rainy areas, like London, they should be checked more frequently.

Debris filled gutters can cause damage to your home. It’s much less costly to have gutter cleaning done than to repair the damage done as a result of backup.